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What Is NAD+?

Everyone has NAD+, but good things don’t last forever on their own…

A coenzyme that cares for you

NAD+ can be found in every cell of our body. It helps them stay strong and efficient throughout their lifespan. NAD+ turns nutrients into energy, and means that proteins can repair our DNA over time. On a molecular and metabolic level, it’s essential – yet levels decline over time.

Premature ageing, disordered thoughts and fatigue are just some of the signifiers of low NAD+ levels. By topping them up you’re able to think faster, do more, endure prolonged activity and sleep better at night.

The result? Your mind is sharper and more creative. Weight loss is easier, as is recovering from a hangover. You will feel and look amazing. NAD+ keeps us at our peak as we strive to be our best selves. Everyone needs it to meet their potential.

Why do you need a top-up?

As you get older, your natural stockpile of NAD+ will diminish. That’s because another biological element – CD38 – rises and erodes it.

The good news is, we can reverse the process with a vape-ready solution. Our specialised NADvape liquid has been mixed with nutrients and vitamins to speed up the coenzyme’s beneficial effects on your life. With regular doses, administered through your own vape pen, you’ll soon discover an improvement in performance, appearance and overall health. You’ll stay on top form through anything.

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