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What Is NAD+ And How Will It Change The Way You Vape?

11th October 2018

Some habits are better for us than others. That’s what many people have discovered with vaping, taking some of the risk from a nicotine addiction by removing the toxic effects that come with tobacco. But, as good as traditional liquids are, they can’t compete with NAD+.

You may have never heard of this vaping formula. That’s understandable – we’re the first to produce a NAD+ alternative for your device. It’s one of a kind, with many benefits to your health and wellbeing to unpack.

So can vaping be more than a stop-gap for tobacco? Yes. Here’s why…

The strengths of NAD+

First, we should outline what NAD+ actually is, and why it has such a transformative effect on your day-to-day life.

Essentially, it is a coenzyme produced naturally in the body. Every human being has NAD+ in their molecular chemistry, which helps us absorb the nutrients we need for a healthy diet. Fats and glucose are used by mitochondria, which convert the energy we use to move, think and metabolise food. NAD+ is also responsible for keeping us young. It allows cells to repair, and ensures we have a strong immune system. This extends to the brain, where neurological degeneration is kept at bay.

You might think of NAD+ as a miracle compound that keeps us on our toes, mentally sharp, and able to withstand the demands of modern living. That’s partly why young people, with high levels of the coenzyme, can power through a hangover, illness or bouts of fatigue. They’re better equipped.

Bring your mind and body back to their best

When we age, NAD+ diminishes. Our levels drop and can’t be recovered on their own. Some younger people may fall prey to a swift decline, depending on their biology, or hard living may do the job on its own.

The more we party and push our physical limits, the quicker NAD+ will degenerate. All of the stresses of professional work, in particular, strain coenzyme production. Simply, it won’t last forever. And when it drops in our 30s and 40s, you begin to really feel the difference…

We’re all facing such a reality. The question is, how do we fight it?

At last – health in a vape canister

It’s tough to deny the pleasure of lighting a vape pen, inhaling, and avoiding the tobacco pouch. So we aren’t going to. Instead, we’ve developed a special NAD+ liquid that’s primed for vaping. It tastes good, and contains the molecular properties – as well as an extra store of vitamins to speed up their effects – that we’ve described in this article.

Vaping brings the benefits of NAD+ straight to your system. Throughout the day, you can breathe in a boost of energy, endurance, and creative output. Whenever you vape, you get more of the treatment your body has been craving.

So that’s why we can answer the question of ‘what is NAD+?’ quite succinctly – it is the lease of life that’ll help you do more, come up with better ideas, and endure the pressures we all face every day. At the same time, your reliance on nicotine will melt away.