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The Benefits Of CBD Vape Liquids (And Why You Should Try Them)

11th October 2018

Vapers have never had it so good. Recently, there has been a spate of new liquid alternatives on the market. CBD oil is one of them.

Unlike glycol, glycerine, water and artificial flavouring, CBD is all-natural. It’s also touted as a way for people to get back to feeling at the top of their game. Instead of the fleeting pleasure of nicotine, CBD oil gives you a whole new sense of wellbeing.

We’d like to explain why, and the ways in which CBD can take over your vaping routine for the better.

What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical component of the cannabis plant, extracted from sativa. The name stands for cannabidiol, which is mixed with coconut or hemp seed to produce an oil that pours neatly into your vape device.

If you’re baulking at the use of cannabis, don’t worry. CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive properties – in fact, it blocks the high that is associated with THC, the plant’s mild-altering compound. As we know, marijuana has a wider effect than altering your consciousness. It’s also a form of pain relief.

Chronic symptoms and muscle fatigue tend to relax their grip on our lives when we smoke CBD because it affects the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. This is the means by which we regulate pain, stave off illness, and reduce cranial inflammation. CBD users can calm their mental and physical states with regular doses.

Our work with NAD+ led us to create a CBD product, to give our customers more variety when vaping to benefit their health. As you’ll see here, those benefits are pretty extraordinary. And they’re all ready to take in, with just a press of your vaping button…

What can CBD do for you?

  • Aches, pains and tension will disappear or become greatly reduced. Whether you have trouble with cramps, chronic conditions, trapped nerves or sore joints, CBD offers noticeable relief.
  • Sleep will be far easier and you’ll find yourself more able to sleep for longer. Studies of CBD usage point to reduced insomnia.
  • Anxiety is kept under control. The compound rewires our neurological pathways temporarily, letting us feel happier and more able to recognise and overcome anxiety triggers.
  • You won’t smoke as much. CBD is a different kind of vape liquid, devoid of nicotine or any synthetic ingredient whatsoever. Over time, it’ll step in as your go-to habit.

So with CBD in your pocket, ready for a puff at any moment, you’re able to calm down from a stressful day. Soreness and strain are diminished. You’ll sleep for hours at a time, uninterrupted, before facing anything that the day throws at you.

The NADvape team have taken great care in developing our CBD liquid to deliver these qualities whenever you need them. We have a monthly subscription, but check out the product before you buy. Or call us to run through any questions about what we offer and how once tasted, it’ll soon become irreplaceable.