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All-Natural And Organic Vape Liquids: Why They’re Worth The Investment

11th October 2018

Not every vape purchase is created equal. In fact, there’s a big distinction across the market, promoting many forms of oils that can be smoked. Every brand has its own take on what you should be buying and how it’ll make your life better, keeping tobacco at arm’s length when cravings set in.

The thing is, some styles of liquid production are simply better than others. We’re talking about the totally organic sort. They are pure, and come with their own natural advantages.

Let’s talk about this in more detail, so that you can make the right selection for your body.

You’ll avoid the damaging side of e-cigarettes

It’s fairly obvious to anyone with an eye on science journalism, or having direct experience themselves, that vaping is much better for you than tobacco smoke.

Yet artificial e-liquids don’t get off the hook entirely. The science community is still figuring out what the long-term effects might be, and some studies argue that they contain ingredients that make them just as damaging as cigarettes.

Synthetic vaping blends can consist of:

  • Nicotine, of course, which makes a small contribution to the risk of cancer and heart disease, as well as being supremely addictive.
  • Diacetyl, a chemical used for sweet, buttery flavourings that has been linked to major problems in the lungs. The UK banned diacetyl production for vape liquids in 2017, but they may still be present if you order online from a foreign retailer.
  • Components such as o-vanillin and pentanedione, both of which place oxidative stress on your white blood cells.

The only way to be sure if your liquid contains these additions is by reading the bottle, but if you’re not choosing a 100% natural e-liquid, then much of what we’ve discussed above is likely to show up.

You’ll unlock many more special benefits

Aside from the drawbacks to ‘regular’ vaping material, there’s something else to consider: why you’re vaping in the first place.

Is it a habit for the sake of it? Nothing more than a shot of nicotine? Vaping can offer so much more. It has the potential to lift us to our peak – providing you’re going down the organic route.

Our NAD+ product, for instance, releases coenzymes into your bloodstream. Topping up your levels is made easy and fast through a vaping device. It helps you fight the signs of ageing, strengthen your immune system, give you more energy, and spur weight loss.

Some of that is also true of CBD oil, a popular ingredient to soothe pain, arthritis and muscle damage. You can find out more about it on our site too.

CBD and NAD+ are worth the extra investment. True, you’re paying more, but there’s so much more to them than the basic, synthetic fluids. NADvape turns your regular inhalation into something that actively makes you healthier, day after day.