NAD+ e-liquid available now!

About Us

Late nights. Heavy workloads. The push and tug of daily demands. These are pressures we all face, day after day. Not to mention the health risks associated with smoking or vaping nicotine…

So let’s face them head-on. We’ve changed the rules for self-care, with two forms of therapeutic vaping liquid to help you achieve more from your e-cigarette: NAD+ and CBD.

Our revolutionary NAD+ liquid is packed with essential, 100% natural coenzymes and vitamins. Everyone has NAD+ in their chemistry. But as it diminishes with age, NADvape brings those levels back up to where they belong. One breath at a time, you’ll experience clearer thinking, better energy levels and, in the long run, improved wellbeing.

This is the first time a NAD+ formula has been released to market. We’re proud to put a solution for wellbeing in your pocket – one that can go anywhere with you, and become second nature, replacing a dependence on nicotine.

With us, vaping becomes the ultimate method of boosting your health and wellbeing. Every time you use one of our liquids, your chemical levels are rejuvenated and put back into balance. It’s fast. It’s easy. And with our subscription options, you’ll always have a NADvape top-up at your fingertips.

Together, NAD+ and CBD are able to:

  • Erase mental and physical stress
  • Counter the effects of tobacco and alcohol
  • Pick you back up from a heavy day or jet lag
  • Retain the vigour, stamina and appearance of youth
  • Encourage sharper, more creative thoughts
  • Prevent illness from taking you down